The Stocking Family

You might recognize a few of these faces from a blog post oh, now about a year ago! I got the honor of photographing Tait and Zach's wedding last May and they decided to come back and photograph a VERY special moment with their family..they're pregnant! They wanted to tell their grandparents in a special way that they would always remember. So! We took them out for "family photos"; which, they actually came to me to do in the first place, but it just worked out that they got pregnant and this is how they could share their news!

We started off with the full family and just going along like it was a normal family session. Then we got the great grandparents and the three great grandkids together so that we could spill the beans! I started a countdown and on three the kids yelled, "Zach and Tait are gonna have a baby!". Now I think we all thought they would be ecstatic right away, but they just looked at one another and said, "What'd they say!?". You heard right grandma, haha! Once they realized what was going on, they couldn't stop squealing! It was a precious moment with an amazing family that they will now have documented forever!

Note : If you would like to use any of the photos below on your social media, please feel free to email me to ask and I can work with you on sending the appropriate files for sharing. Thank you!