Rawling Dean

Here's a little background on me and my love of doctors, I hate them. More than hate, I'm terrified of them. I never wanted to be pregnant because I knew I'd have to one, see them way more often than I'm comfortable with and two, deal with needles.. I can't take it people! 😂 Of course my mind changed, not about doctors about being pregnant, and of course I wanted a little one of my own!

I made the decision early on that if I ever became pregnant I wanted to go the route of a midwife. I figured, less shots and IVs, and I can deal with some pain, ha! Granted, I had been told that I had a high pain tolerance, I just no idea how high of one I had..

My contractions started on a Monday night and he ended up arriving that Thursday. At first I thought, ok I made the right choice, I can handle these. Then, as I just happen to be standing in the Target pick up line, they became more intense and to top it off it took them THIRTY MINUTES to find my order! They asked me when I was due and I was like, uhh now, haha! But no, really.

Now one thing you have to know about a midwife, they want you to wait as long as possible to come in because either A, they're going to send you back home if you're not far enough along, torture! Or B, they give you twelve hours and if you haven't had baby before then they kick you out and send you to the ER, no chance! So I waited as long as I could. When I thought I was far enough along I called and explained my symptoms and was told not to come in because I could still walk and talk through a contraction, what!? So I waited three more hours. In the meantime, my husband went off to work and was questioning if I was really going to have him today, like I could tell the future! About thirty minutes after he got to work, in Seattle, I was calling him telling him to get home. In which he needed to call me to confirm I wanted him to come home.. Basically my answer was, get home or I'll end you, haha! It was a good thing he did because if he would have waited thirty more minutes he would have missed out on the birth of his first born!

When he made his was back home I called the midwife again and I'll be honest, I faked not being able to talk a little as a contraction hit and just prayed because I just wanted to go in and be checked, I couldn't wait any longer! I had already prepared for them to send me back home when we arrived at which point I would have told my husband screw that, take me over to the ER and have them hook whatever they want into me! Little did I know, I was too far gone for that..

They made me lay on a little table for THIRTY minutes to check my heart rate, ok hold on before all that, they made me sign paper work upon paper work, I mean come on we couldn't have done this all before hand!? Anyways, thirty minutes to check my heart rate and his heart rate and wait on the midwife to actually get there to check and see how far along I was, that's when it got real.. You make these decisions before thinking, I can do this, I got this, then you get there and you realize, why did I put this upon myself! Yelling out that I'm done I give up only for the midwife to tell you your 8cm, your water just broke and we gotta go now.. At that point I was thinking, ok I really do have a high pain tolerance, noted, but I really don't want to move forward without something to numb..everything! Then to make it even better they tell you to walk down the hall to your room when you're on a perfectly good table that can ROLL! I remember continuously asking, do I seriously have to walk, you're joking. I made it this far and you can't just roll me down the dang hallway!?

Well, I'll save you from the rest of the lovely details, but about twenty-seven minutes, yeah quick, after we got into the room he was here and hallelujah it was over! I never in my wildest dreams would have thought it would have gone that quickly and smoothly, but the Lord probably knew I could take much more and I'm so thankful he did!

For as much pain I was in I wouldn't trade that experience for anything and I'd even go as far as saying I'd do it all over again! Let's just pray that if we ever have a second it's as easy as the first. 😂

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Brooke Summers Photography | Baby Photography | Birth Announcement
Brooke Summers Photography | Baby Photography | Birth Announcement