My Husband

Six years ago I walked into a hair salon and met my future husband. I thought he was a creep, he wouldn't stop looking at me. He says he had no choice, because he was getting his hair cut and had nowhere else to look. From there it was a whirlwind. He left for bootcamp three months after we met, I left for college in a different state, he got stationed in Washington state (really had no idea it existed. Don't judge me, I'm from a small town), I graduated college, he deployed, he came back and next thing you know, we were married! It's only been three years into our marriage as of today, but it feels like SO much longer than that (in a good way!). We couldn't be more opposite, but that's what makes it fun :) He's my absolute best friend and the man of my dreams. If you told my sixteen year old self that I would end up with someone as smart, insanely talented, strong (and strong willed), downright handsome and so much more, I wouldn't have believed it. Our relationship has had ups and downs, and hard times, and great times. I'm sure I've made him question marrying me multiple times, haha! But marriage with him is the best thing ever. I love him more than I even know! I can't wait to continue sharing the next 80 years of my life with him.

SO check out some of my favorites from our spontaneous photoshoot down our street. Did I mention he is a pretty good model too? ;)

Note : If you would like to use any of the photos below on your social media, please feel free to email me to ask and I can work with you on sending the appropriate files for sharing. Thank you!