Jodi + Zebb | Wedding

I got the honor of photographing my aunts, and now uncles, wedding. :) It's always nerve wracking to photograph people that you know, especially family. I find myself having to make it even more perfect than I usually do.

The day turned out perfect though! The weather for a Midwest October day was INSANE. It felt like a nice summer day. The location was beautiful and my aunt and family did a great job at decorating and planning everything.

Check out a few of my favorites below. I also think you'll find that it wasn't a real Pippin affair without a little gun powder and lead. ;)

Amazing Cakes : Kaity Bug Designs (Williamsport, IN)

Note : If you would like to use any of the photos below on your social media, please feel free to email me to ask and I can work with you on sending the appropriate files for sharing. Thank you!