Alexis + Charlie | Wedding

Have you seen those posts saying, "Wherever you met your significant other, that's where you guys would get married."? If that was the case for these two, you'd see them getting hitched right in the middle of Chuck-E-Cheese. So obviously they didn't pick Chuck-E-Cheese as their wedding venue (darn). They did however pick a beautiful beach side setting..but they forgot one thing, it's the Pacific North West and it rains! And why wouldn't it rain on the best day of your life (even though I always say its good luck for rain on the wedding day). SO one day before the wedding, they relocated the wedding to an inside a beautiful stained glass chapel. It may not have been the day they imagined, but non the less it was perfect. From the beautiful bride in her boho crochet dress (amazing!), to the handsome groom, to the two good lookin' boys of theirs and GORGEOUS flowers, the day was bright even though the forecast said rain. And the forecast didn't lie, it POURED! The best part of the ceremony, for me, was getting to hear the two give their own vows to each others boys, beyond special. Also to see all the "experienced" spouses come around them and pray over them for their marriage, how incredible is that? I love seeing these moments, because they're impacting moments for everyone, not just the bride and groom.

Cheers to this beautiful day and the beautiful days to come.

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