What would you say your style of photography is? I'm a natural light photographer. While I have a flash for the reception and such, I LOVE using natural light. I’ve recently switched up my style of editing to match more of my style. I use to edit with a bright and airy look, but felt that I wasn’t being 100% myself, so after trials I’ve finally come up with my own presets that I really love and represent ME. I’m moody (ha!), love fall (warm images), love all things matte and tend to lean towards darker images while still maintaining a clear image.

What if I don't like getting my picture taken/don't like being posed? I am on track with you about having more candid photos that posed. I'm more about capturing the moment than the perfect pose. I try and play to the couple and feed off of their personalities and make it as natural as possible when it comes to posing and such. I want to see how you two interact with each other and then from there I might tell you, "ok, hold that!". I'm definitely not the photographer that likes to set up shots and plan them all out. I want shots that make you look like you!


Do you normally work from a shot list? With that being a natural light photographer, sometimes shots are more planned out than others just depending on the time of day. I don't usually work from a shot list however, I do have those "usual" shots in mind; plus the standard family shots. I also give couples a "must haves list" where I want them to go through and tell me if there are any specific shots that they really want to capture. Otherwise, I play to the couple and feed off of their personalities and make it as natural as possible when it comes to posing and such.

How long have you been photographing weddings? I've been photographing weddings since back in 2012..crazy! However, two years ago I started marketing myself in the professional photography world, because I am now confident that I am.


Do you work alone, or do you normally have an assistant? I do have second shooters available for wedding days; there are additional charges for this service.

What is your turn around time for the pictures? For a full day wedding, photos are delivered 4-5 weeks after the wedding. I do go through one by one and edit them, so it can be a long process! For a full wedding day, usually brides end up with 1,000 photos or so. So you'll be busy looking through them once they get to you! :)

Do you edit all the photos? YES! I personally edit the photos. As you read above, I just use my own presets.

Can we see other photos not given to us on our gallery? No. Please know that I choose the best photos of you from your session. I would hate to give you shots that are unflattering or not completely in focus. No need to look through unneeded shots. But don't worry, you'll have plenty of GREAT shots to look through.


How far in advance should I book my session? It depends! Each session is different. For weddings, I try to book 4-5 months in advance. For family and lifestyle sessions, those can be booked a month or more in advance.


Should I bring anything to our session? Of course! Bring anything that you think will make the photos even more special. Have props that you want to incorporate? bring them along!


What should we wear? Outfits are very important, personally. It helps make the image. I would stray away from anything that clashes with the location or is super busy to where we lose you! And make sure you keep the climate in mind, Washington weather changes very often! Check out my Pinterest page to see outfit suggestions for your session.


How do we book a session? Visit the 'get in touch' page to submit an inquiry and we will get to planning!